Project #4

Project #4

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Microsoft XNA video demos

This week’s episode includes. Ed mentioned me but they left a link out of the show notes. Keep on rocking guys. Very nice show.

Now, all titles developed with Microsoft’s toolset can use important XBL features like matchmaking. “When building XNA Game Studio , we.

This project is a warm-up team exercise. The description is simple: Design a complete network protocol for handling lobby and in-game communications for a multiplayer XNA game. Express your protocol designs using appropriate UML diagrams. In short:. The description of this project is intentionally vague – I am looking for your creativity within the framework of the assignment goals.

Feel free to explore and propose an interesting solution. Keep the following in mind:. You will need to do a fair amount of personal research and learning to succeed. Plan on learning about network communications in XNA prior to building your design. Also plan on finding tools to help you create your UML diagrams. You can divide this learning up between you and your teammate!


I found an XNA tutorial which uses the networking features. Are those features supported in monogame? Also, according to this link , you can only do local connections? It says it requires a XBox Live Membership for the online stuff. What if you want to use your own server?

5’s XNA 3D graphics support. com courses again, please join LinkedIn Learning. super low-latency gameplay, cheat prevention, and great matchmaking.

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GDC: Microsoft announces new game development technology initiative

Microsoft has this morning announced that it will be unveiling its new XNA software development platform at the Game Developers Conference later today. XNA is described as a powerful next-generation software development platform designed to allow developers to deliver breakthrough games while combating rising production costs and increasing hardware complexity. XNA is designed for use with future iterations of all Microsoft game platforms, including Windows, Xbox, and Windows Mobile-based devices.

To illustrate the potential of the XNA platform, Microsoft is expected to make a series of announcements about its own video game tools and technologies, with an emphasis on the areas of online, input, graphics, and audio. Microsoft’s plans include: providing Xbox Live-style functionality for billing and security; allowing matchmaking to be made available to Windows developers; introducing controllers that are compatible with all Windows and Xbox game players; and presenting a number of graphics and audio tools, such as PIX and XACT, which have been previously been available only to Xbox developers, to those developers on Windows-based platforms.

nonvisual APIs between the XNA Framework and Silverlight, but you could not services provide support for matchmaking, Achievements, Leaderboards, and.

The following comes straight from Xbox. Microsoft XNA is the catalyst for a new ecosystem of interchangeable, interoperable software tools and technologies from Microsoft, middleware and game development companies. By integrating software innovations across Microsoft platforms and across the industry, XNA forms a common environment that liberates developers from spending too much time writing mundane, repetitive boilerplate code.

Instead, XNA frees game creators to spend their time where it matters most -on the creativity that differentiates their games. The XNA development platform will serve as the foundation for future game platforms from Microsoft, including Windows, Xbox and Windows Mobile-based devices. Games on future iterations of Microsoft game platforms will be powered by tools and technologies from the XNA ecosystem.

XNA dramatically improves the way games are produced, helping contain skyrocketing development costs by reducing the amount of time developers spend writing mundane, repetitive boilerplate code for complex new hardware. The XNA ecosystem integrates new and existing tools and technologies from Microsoft and its partners so that developers can make better games, faster. Illustrating the potential of the XNA development platform, Microsoft made a series of announcements about its own video game tools and technologies in four key areas online, input, graphics and audio.

The tools will make it easier to create the same social, unified online gaming experiences on Windows that game players have come to expect on Xbox. On the input front, as part of XNA, Microsoft will develop a common controller interface and unify input APIs and button standards across multiple platforms. The result will be a family of common controllers for Windows and Xbox game players.

In addition, the move will fuel a whole new wave of compelling, cross-platform input devices from peripheral manufacturers.

Xna matchmaking

Microsoft has marked the next step in its initiative to “democratise game development and unleash the creativity” of the community with the release of the XNA Game Studio 2. The new version builds upon XNA Game Studio Express, released one year ago, and includes the ability to create online, cross-platform multiplayer games for Xbox and Windows using Xbox Live and Games for Windows – Live respectively.

XNA Game Studio 2. Since its release last December, XNA Game Studio has been an incredible success, with , downloads, adoption by more than universities worldwide and at least nine textbooks on the tools in development. In subjects from computer science to fine arts, introductory courses to graduate and research projects – XNA Game Studio is helping faculty members and students explore the boundaries of applied gaming technology in education.

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It is not possible to run multiple simultaneous instances of a networked game on a single development computer. Games can be Window based, Xbox based, or cross platform. LIVE Matchmaking is the way you would like to go at the end, but it’s quite resource demanding and brings no real advantage in a class like ours. One development computer and one client computer running one instance of the game on each Windows-based computer. Creators cannot run two networked XNA Framework games at the same time on the same computer, so creators will need a second machine to run a second game instance for testing purposes.

To see other options available to XNA Networking, look here. This includes the capability to retrieve player preferences for local accounts as well as support for showing various LIVE Guide user interface screens programmatically. XNA Framework games must explicitly initialize the gamer services subsystem before networking API calls can be completed.

Most games will use the GamerServicesComponent , a game component which takes care of the process of initializing and pumping the gamer services system. This component will automatically pass through the graphics device and window handle and call GamerServicesDispatcher. Update to pump the gamer services pump at regular intervals. To take advantage of this component, most games will simply need to add one line to the Game constructor: Components.

XNA 2.0 Networking and LIVE Requirements

The second and final part of my interview with the developers behind the XNA titles that hit Xbox Live Arcade last week. Here’s part one. Walaber: To be honest I’m actually just amazed that Microsoft is letting hobby developers get full access to the Xbox ‘s CPU and graphics card, input devices, and recently even Xbox Live networking

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Microsoft announces XNA 2.0

XNA Upgraded to 2. Developers can now make their games compatible with Live. In that time over , users have downloaded the toolset and over universities are using it to teach game development. Tomorrow morning Microsoft will update the software to version 2.

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New to Shacknews? Signup for a Free Account. Microsoft claims that many online features, such as matchmaking, can be seamlessly integrated into XNA games. The new version of the software also includes updates to graphics, math, connectivity, audio, and Xbox Guide interface functionality, and Microsoft offers a utility to convert existing projects to the 2. In addition to the version announcement, Microsoft said it will launch a new Dream-Build-Play development contest, open to creators of XNA-based games.

According to the announcement, signups begin this Friday, though the official contest site states they begin on December

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By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. Stack Overflow for Teams is a private, secure spot for you and your coworkers to find and share information. I’m setting up multiplayer matchmaking features for a windows phone game using Shephertz Appwarp API. I’ve followed this documentation: Matchmaking with Appwarp and successfully setup a find a friend by ID function, but run into problems with matchmaking with random opponents.

But when player2 executes the same code on another handset, its not getting a SUCCESS result after looking up the room by the Dictionary, instead its creating a new game too by executing the Else code.

states: Many of LIVE’s best features are supported by XNA Game Studio with minimal to no coding necessary to activate them — features like matchmaking.

In an unexpected revelation that casts doubts on the future of Microsoft DirectX, Microsoft has announced a new gaming software-development platform dubbed XNA. Stating only that DirectX, which used to provide this functionality for software developers, would continue as the ‘baseline environment’ for Windows and the Xbox, Microsoft representatives said that XNA will be the platform going forward for game development on Windows, the Xbox, and now Windows Mobile-based devices.

Microsoft executives Robert J. For now, the odd announcement — without any details — about XNA’s existence just raises questions. The company will give Windows developers Xbox Live development tools for functionality such as billing, security, logon, friends, and matchmaking so that they can create Xbox Live-like online communities for their PC-based games. Microsoft will also announce a common hand-controller reference design for PCs, Xboxes, and other devices.

I’ll provide more details about XNA as they emerge. Got a news tip for our journalists? Share it with us anonymously here. Officeworks distribution centre staff to go on strike next week. What you need to know about VMware’s and Dell’s layoffs.

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