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Grand Theft Auto 5 Fills 7 Discs on PC | Game Rant 8 Apr 2015 Grand Theft Auto V on PC is no exception, with the minimum As silly as having to install seven discs may seem, it's easy to come up with a  Grand Theft Auto V (PC): GTA V from PC ... Grand Theft Auto V (PC): PC & Video Games. Euro Truck Simulator 2 (PC CD). Other requirements: Installation and online play requires log-in to Rockstar Games Social Club (13+) network; internet connection required for  How to install Grand Theft Auto V mods on PC | VentureBeat

16 Sep 2013 Today, Rockstar support advised Xbox 360 players not to install Grand Theft Auto V's second "play disc" to their hard drives. Doing so, they  Development of Grand Theft Auto V - Wikipedia

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I'm curious as to why GTA V on PC uses up over 70GB of HD space, but the PS3 version fits comfortably on a single sided Blu-Ray disc. Is it all just a matter 

Grand Theft Auto V will chomp tons of hard disk space on PC ... 6 Apr 2015 Indeed, the game will grab no less than 65GB of installation space, a figure that will make those hoping to cram GTA V on their SSD quake in  Rockstar warns: don't install GTA 5 Xbox 360 "play" disc ...